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Here's What These New 'Game Of Thrones' Images Tell Us About Episode 7

 New 'Game Of Thrones' Images 

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones is near, thus should we leave upon our last round of forecasts. It's been an intriguing adventure so far, as we've wound our way through one of the strangest periods of the show yet. While the display has been excellent, the show's hurried, and some of the time puzzling plot is totally dissimilar to any season that is preceded. 

The review opens to Gray Worm at the leader of an enormous phalanx of Unsullied. 

It at that point slices to the Iron Fleet, and Tyrion looking on as he heads into Blackwater Bay. He was once on the opposite side of this coin, valiantly protecting the Red Keep and King's Landing from Stannis' attacking powers. 

Regardless I can't trust what number of boats Euron Greyjoy has. 

Dothraki horsemen charge through the positions of Unsullied, and we see the full may of Daenerys Targaryen (less her partners) gathered on the field. Bronn and Jaime look down on the scene with terrible countenances. 

Is this current King's Landing? Is this the correct landscape for it? The Red Keep isn't this near the edges of town, however, I assume they could be at the city's Western divider. 

The scene slices to Sansa, hooded, thoughtful, strolling over a frigid escarpment. At that point, somebody tumbling to his knees on a sandy shoreline. Theon maybe? It would seem that Theon, however, it's difficult to state. At that point to Cersei strolling, at that point a parade recording into what seems, by all accounts, to be an antiquated open air theater or something to that effect. This doesn't take a gander at all like King's Landing, however, maybe I'm overlooking something. It looks in no way like the smallish field where Oberyn and the Mountain battled. 

Cersei, the smuggest of rulers, brings the days with her sibling, Jaime. We see Jon and Tyrion both look at her. 

"There is just a single war that issues," Jon says, reverberating his long held back. "Furthermore, it is here." 

Here we see our saints touch base at the destroyed area. Could this be Harrenhal? I can't generally observe Cersei leaving the limits of King's Landing to meet with the "great folks" however I'm at a misfortune as to where this could be. Regardless, how about we take a gander at our diverse parade. 

I see Tyrion, Davos, Missandei (or if nothing else her hair,) Pod, Brienne, Jon, Jorah, Theon and the Dothraki blood-riders yet no Daenerys. All things considered, that is an incredible social occasion of imperative characters. Brienne evidently made it the distance back to King's Landing in time for this meet-and-welcome. I think about whether Jon at any point sent Sansa a raven? I assume not. 

This is, to me at any rate, maybe the most telling and the most anxiety prompting picture in this post. It's the sort of fall somebody has after either something great or something terrible happens. Since this is Game of Thrones I'm speculating "terrible." If this is Theon, it influences me to think about whether this unfolds after the past picture. At the end of the day, it could connote something terrible happens and Theon is overpowered by the nerve racking knowledge. 

It could likewise imply that he's recently had a standoff with his uncle, or found his sister is dead. It could mean a lot of things, however, I question any of them are great. 

It must be profoundly unbalanced for Tyrion to be here. I feel for the little person. I trust he gets some clever lines in any event. Who knows, possibly something he says to Cersei will tip her over the edge and significant trouble will rise to the surface? 

I like how Jaime's hand coordinates the style. I can't tell what the expression all over means. I feel like Jaime will be exceptionally open to everything, if somewhat snide about it, however, Cersei will have no persistence for senseless tall tales about White Walkers and goliaths and things that go knock in the night, disregarding her own particular pet zombie - or possibly as a result of it. What's one more zombie, all things considered? Accepting the weight made it the distance once more from the Wall without his enchantment revival wearing off. 

What's more, now, finally... 

Different Predictions 

We should discuss the title of the scene: "The Dragon And The Wolf." 

This might be the absolute most energizing title of any scene yet on the show, for a couple of reasons: 

Given the photo of Bran above, I can see us getting some hotly anticipated flashbacks. I'm supposing we may at long last get a look at Rhaegar and Lyanna, two of the most critical characters in this story, and two individuals despite everything we have never observed. We may at long last have the reality of Jon's parentage uncovered in full and find the genuine idea of their relationship. Regardless of what number of negative things I've said in regards to this season, this energizes me an extraordinary arrangement. 

The title likely alludes to something beyond a certain something, as these titles regularly do. Jon and Dany are an additionally likely piece of this condition, as the previous is a Wolf and the last a Dragon (however Jon is both.) Perhaps Dany can, in any case, get pregnant and bear youngsters, yet just with a Dragon? 

Another winged serpent and wolf pair? Viserion and Ghost. The Ice Dragon and the Direwolf. Goodness man, such a significant number of energizing conceivable outcomes! 

I didn't see the Hound in that photo above with all our saints social affair to meet with Cersei. That doesn't mean he's not there! What's more, we might just get the Cleganebowl we've been guaranteed. Or, on the other hand, er, that we've been seeking after at any rate... Despite everything, I imagine that if Sandor goes up against Gregor, both Cleganes will at last die. Be that as it may, that is alright. I adore the Hound, however in the event that he at long last takes out his detestable (undead) sibling, more energy to him, regardless of the possibility that he needs to go. 

We likewise get no look at Sam and Gilly, however, I'm certain in Sunday night's 80-minute scene they'll show up in some critical way. 

Furthermore, we see no Daenerys, either, however, clearly she should assume a part. Cersei will sell out them all, obviously. The inquiry is how? What's more, how Dany and Jon will respond? Likewise, why is 

At long last, I think the Wall is descending. I think the Night King is coming to town and with his monster and his armed force and his enchantment and all the rest, he will break the enchantment that maintains the Wall and crap will hit the fan. All things considered, Jon says in the trailer that the war is here. 

Likewise, it merits calling attention to that the keep going two tracks on the Season 7 OST are titled 'The Army of the Dead' and 'Winter is Here.' That seems...significant. The three tracks going before these are titled "Ironborn" 'Nobody Walks Away From Me' and "Truth." Curiouser and curious.... 

That is all people. 

There's just such a significant number of forecasts I can make in one post so I will stop here. I'm certain that specific occasions will happen Sunday that will stun every one of us, that will dissipate even the best-laid forecasts to the four breezes. I've been down on this season, however, I am staggeringly built up for this season finale. I cherish that it's 80 minutes and ideally won't feel as hurried as whatever remains of the season. 

Also, regardless of how disillusioning the season has been by and large, despite everything I wind up lamenting at the prospect of waiting over a year for the last season. I think about whether George RR Martin will have The Winds Of Winter out by at that point? I trust so. 

In any case, what am I missing? What different forecasts do you have? Additionally, look at my talk of 'plot defensive player' and who is likely (and impossible) to pass on in the season finale.
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